Listen Carefully

‘The most confused we get is when we try to convince our heads of something our hearts know is a lie’ ~ Karen Moning

Having faith in listening to our hearts takes practice, patience and courage.

It’s not easy, if it was easy then we wouldn’t even need to discuss it, we would just do it. As kids it’s something that we do instinctively, then at some point we start to doubt ourselves and maybe we make a mistake and someone laughs and we get embarrassed and then we start to question what we are doing.

We let our ego get in the way and then we start to let that rule us rather than our hearts.

Yesterday I was talking to you about not being perfect all the time; our ego wants us to be perfect, our heart wants us to be happy.

To listen to our heart we need to ignore our ego.

Maybe you make a decision because it’s what feels right for you but other people disagree… do you change your mind for them or do you stick with what you want?

When we change our mind often there will be a feeling that doesn’t feel right, things feel out of place, your heart might feel heavy…

Sometimes we will be so well practiced that we can ignore our hearts and for a while it will be okay, but then life will start to unravel, things won’t fit in to place, we will feel down, or stressed or off balance…

Taking time out to breathe, learn to listen to our heart and go with that is worth it in the long run.

Your decisions won’t always be popular and only your ego will care your heart will know what’s right…

Following your heart is something that we encourage and work towards in the Warrior Woman Project. If it’s something you need help and guidance with, listen to your heart and get signed up

You are worth it

With love

Jen x

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