List, prioritise, organise

Last day of the month, yesterday we were looking at how far we have come this month, the progress we have made, acknowledging the success and acknowledging our distractions.

Now it is time to start thinking and planning out what we want from July. What is important for you to get sorted and organised this month?

Maybe you are getting away on holiday and you have work that needs to be done before you go so you can switch off, maybe you need to buy in clothes and sunscreen and get packed ready to leave.

Maybe you want to get a business idea up and running so it is good to go when you get back your holidays.

Maybe you are not going on holiday this month and are looking forward to watching the tennis or other sporting events that are on over the summer.

Do you have kids that are about to need to be entertained of the next month because they are not at school?

Today we want to be thinking about the next few weeks and getting our shit together and organised.

Get your list written out and prioritise it in order of what is important to you. Work out what help and resources you need to make it successful and source them. The sooner you get that done, the sooner you can be productive.

This month I plan on working on my website to make sure that all pages work, make sense and do what they are supposed to and then get feedback on them.

Get planning and lets have a successful summer.

With love

Jen x

PS Time is ticking… if health and happiness is on that list…

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