Letting go of ego

Sometimes you just need to do exactly what is right for you even if that means people around you are not happy about it (and just to give you further permission, the people that are not happy are only not happy purely for their own selfish reasons so you carry right on looking out for yourself).

There has been a few different scenarios this week that brought this to mind and inspired me to share with you.

Often doing what is right for you can come with a host of guilt, especially when you feel like you are letting other people down. I know when I have given classes up in the past it was really hard for me to do especially when some of the participants tell you that they only come to your class – it’s amazing to feel that loved, and that ego boost is something that any of us would appreciate, but it makes it even more challenging to keep yourself, your health and your happiness a priority.

Your ego is the thing that gets in the way so often, it gets in the way of us chasing our dreams, taking chances in life, it holds us in the past, it makes us worry about the future… what we have to remember is the ego is a short lived gratification (in the same way that it is a short lived pain when we feel rejected and our ego gets bruised) – it doesn’t last forever.

How do we let go of our ego?

Love – love yourself, that might sound like it is letting the ego rule, but loving yourself completely, the good, the bad and the ugly… Doing what is right for you and your happiness.

Gratitude – seriously, if you are not on board with gratitude by now…

Meditate – the interesting thing I found about learning to meditate is the ego constantly wants to take over and keep control. The more you can learn to acknowledge that it is there and let go of the thoughts attached to it the easier it becomes to not let your ego rule every decision you make.

There is a good chance your ego is questioning you right now, what do you need to let go for? Why would you want to abandon the thing that you think makes you feel safe and comfortable?

The reason is right there, if you feel safe and comfortable but unfulfilled it is your ego that is holding you back…

I am not going to tell you that this is easy, it’s not, it is hard work and takes practice and there will be times that you fall back in to your old ways – be aware of when you let external validation rule your decisions and mood.

This is all connected to being perfectly imperfect, letting go of your ego… To book your space on the workshop: http://freedomintraining.co.uk/warriorwomanprojectevent/

With love

Jen x

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