let go of the past

let go of the past and it will let go of you…

The past is just memories, just thoughts and your interpretation of what happened back then.

How many of these thoughts hold you back from moving forward?

You fear that history will repeat itself. You fear what other people think of you. You fear you are not good enough. These fears are all just thoughts in your head too.

They are what you make up and believe.

Change it round, lightening doesn’t strike the same place twice, you don’t know what people think of you until they tell you, you are not in their head.

Who says you are not good enough? Your head? that’s not the final decision. Just because it didn’t work out before doesn’t meant that it won’t next time, if you don’t move forward then the past is holding you back… for what? a thought?

Take the lessons from the past and bring them forward – that is what is going to change the future. #wisewords#freedomintraining.

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