Last Friday of the Month

Last Friday of the month… think back over your goals at the start of the month, did you achieve everything you wanted? Are some things still a work in progress? Do you need to reconsider if they are actually the right goals for you?

Every end of month we take this time to review and start planning for the following month. Monday is the 1st so you have the whole weekend to think, plan, organise and get ready to roll in to the new month.

I have been getting some requests about doing a Warrior Woman Project Retreat, a weekend taking time away from your real life to just purely work on you. I have had this idea on my vision board this year and now that other people are starting to ask I am hearing the universe and it is time to take it off the vision board and make it a reality.

That’s the thing about vision boards and goal lists… You still need to take some action to make them happen.

What action do you need to take to make your list happen?

With love

Jen x

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