Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power, action is even more powerful…

We often hear that knowledge is power, and it is, the more we can learn, know and understand the better off we are.

What do you do with that knowledge though? Do you ever take action with the knowledge?

If you learn about an environmental issue, or humanity issue, or local community problem, do you do anything about it? Does it change the actions you take?

The more I learn about animal cruelty in cosmetics the more it makes me think about the products I use and the companies I buy from.

The more I learned last year about the homeless crisis we had here in Glasgow the more I wanted to help and now regularly donate to the City Mission.

When I learn something new about the body and how to help it move better the more I want to share that knowledge with my classes so they can get the benefits too…

There is other knowledge I gain that I really don’t know what do to with it, politics, humanity crises around the world, poverty etc.

We can’t fix every single problem in the world, the best place for us to start is with ourselves. Who can we be, what can we do better in our direct world to make that better? From that we create a ripple effect.

On Saturday I was reduced to tears by my spin class at Maryhill. After 6 years being with them I am moving on and Patsy gave a beautiful presentation and told me that we had such an amazing class and that had filtered down from the top. The care and attention I showed each of them filtered through and they followed my example and gave care and attention to each other in class.

When I went on to my Pilates class after that I had a new guy at class and at the end of class I was having a chat with him and he said he was really impressed with the attention I gave each of the class participants and that he really felt part of the class (I didn’t cry on him thankfully) but I again had my attention brought to the effect I had on them.

I hadn’t considered at any time the effect I was creating, I am just doing my job, which I love and thankfully that shines through.

Are you being the change you would like to see in the world?

I genuinely hope so.

With Love

Jen x


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