Just in case…

How is your week of being inspired by the people around you instead of comparing yourself to them going?

It should be helping you feel pretty motivated, the To Do list should be getting ticked off, new amazing things being added. You should be feeling pretty pleased with yourself if you have started taking action.

Remember to take time to enjoy and appreciate the things you are getting done.

If you are struggling to get started, don’t panic. There are some things you can do just to get you going, some will work better depending on what motivates you:

  1. Set yourself 4 minutes to make a start, just getting that first 4 minutes done will be further forward than you are now.
  1. Set yourself a reward for getting specific tasks done. When I was studying my deal with myself was 1 journal then a break to watch 1 episode of Breaking Bad, all my essays were complete and ready to hand in more than 2 weeks in advance.
  1. Take yourself away from your usual environment, any distractions like your phone, tablet leave them in another room or put them on airplane mode. Set up a social media blocker like cold turkey on your computer so you don’t get distracted for an allocated time. If you have things that need done and can be done offline go somewhere that you can’t connect to the internet.
  1. Look at where you are right now… Ask yourself why you want to be in a better place, why you want to achieve what is on your list. When you remind yourself of what you want and why you want it that might be enough to get started.
  1. Do a vision board… yes this is procrastinating, yes this is a bit woowoo but if you can see what it is you want to achieve the visual might actually get your ass in gear.
  1. Sign up for Warrior Woman Project, hold yourself accountable, have support, have someone following up on you www.freedomintraining.co.uk/warrior-woman-project

Some of these will work better than others depending on your motivations but any of them are worth a try if you are struggling.

Jen x



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