Just Do IT

My challenge this weekend has been my assistant has been out sick and I have had take back control of my own admin (I have always appreciated the work she does for me, not for one second have I ever thought ‘maybe I could save that money’) There is a good chance that things make come through at different times, or in places they wouldn’t normally appear so stick with me this week.

This set me in to a bit of a crisis as I set up my laptop not just to write the content but also open up all the different programmes that I need to use. My head got so caught up in the panic of ‘how do I do this again’ when it came to writing the emails my mind went blank.

Thankfully I have been listening to my trusted podcasts earlier on and remember hearing someone talking about perfectionists and workaholics and how really all they are doing is internally panicking doing the things that they know they are good with because they haven’t worked the rest of their stuff out.

Stephen King said ‘write for the waste paper basked when you have writers block’ and that is what happened to the first few paragraphs of this email. Write, delete, write, delete.

Even when you are stuck and not sure how to move forward, the answer will come in taking action, sometimes that answer will be ‘no’ or ‘wrong way’ but it will be an answer.

At the start of every month I ask you to work out your plan for the month, what is it you want to have achieved? Where are you with that list? Me and my accountability buddy Lisa had tea on Friday to catch up and check up on each other. Both of us agree our accountability meetings are the best decision we have made since we decided to be friends.

Did you check out my videos? One on goal setting and one on procrastination, you can check them out over on Facebook www.facebook.com/WarriorWomanProject or on my YouTube channel just search for Warrior Woman Project and you should find me there, you can even subscribe to the channel to get notified when I upload something new (which is going to be much more regularly now).

What are the excuses you are telling yourself that are holding you back from getting things done?

What can you just get started, it won’t be perfect, but who cares as long as it is as good as you can do right now?

In the words of Nike… Just Do It

With love

Jen x



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