Just a wee bit different

I often get asked what the best weight loss diet or fitness class is for people to get the best results…

My only response:

The best programme you can follow is the one that you will stick with.

There is no point in anyone telling you what to eat and what exercise to do if you don’t enjoy them. When things feel like a chore you will stick with it for a while, but eventually you will get fed up, pissed off or bored and revert back to what you were doing before regardless of how good the results were.

Changes to your diet have to be changes that are 1. Manageable and 2. Foods that you enjoy eating. Implementing exercise in to your day has to again be 1. Manageable and 2. Something you enjoy.

Too often you see people (particularly coming in to the summer) completely change their habits eating salad for lunch and dinner and hitting the gym every day (sometimes for hours at a time or a couple of times a day) desperately trying to get in shape for summer.

Bingeing on salad and exercise is not going to get you the results you are looking for. Yes, you might drop a few pounds in the first few weeks, but you are going to get really grumpy, exhausted, hungry and then likely have a food binge when your calorie deficit has been too much…

Look at your lifestyle as it is just now and look at switches you can make that won’t leave you being an absolute nightmare to be around. Just a wee bit at a time is so much easier to make as a long term adjustment.

Reduce the sugar in your tea/coffee, swap the shop bought fruit juice for home made vegge juice, swap out the pasta for basmati rice, add more veg to your plate, make sure you are drinking enough water, don’t eat the whole packet of biscuits in 24hours, go to a class you enjoy a couple of times a week, go for a walk with friends, sit at your desk squeezing you bum muscles and pulling your tummy in…

Once you have made a few changes and they feel like a new routine then take it up to the next level.

Small changes will mean slower results, but they will be sustainable, they will be long term, they will make you less of a grumpy bitch to be around.

As always, I say this with love

Jen x

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