Judgement or Compassion

An over-reaction often has nothing to do with the situation right in front of you…

How often have you completely over-reacted to something because someone or something had happened earlier in the day?

We have all been there.

The challenge for us can be how we react to the over-reaction when it is directed at us.

My example for this is:

Social media, one woman posts a photo (taken without permission) who looks really sad to shame her on social media for telling the first woman’s kids to be quiet on the train. The photographer woman wants to shame her for being a miserable passenger that should be ashamed of herself and her behaviour.

To me, there are so many things wrong with this scenario – taking and publishing someone’s photo without permission seems to be the world we live in.

Why do we step forward with judgement rather than compassion?

Stephen Covey tells the story in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People about the time he was on a train and complained to a man about his unruly kids, through that conversation he quickly learned that their mother had passed away only 1 hour before and the father really didn’t know what to do with himself…Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

After reading that story I have taught myself to take a step back when someone is reacting to a situation to try and look at it from another perspective (I don’t always manage to stop myself, but I am getting better) so that I can react better.

If you find yourself in a situation where someone is over-reacting or reacting in a way that seems unusual for them, take a moment and a breath before reacting yourself… It could be that they are just a dick, but it could also be that something else much bigger is going on in their world and a moment of compassion from you could help change their day.

With compassionate love

Jen x



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