It’s okay to have a slump day

I love having conversations with random people and the other day I ended up having a conversation with someone about the energy you bring.

Some people can walk in to a room and light it up and some can walk in and do the complete opposite.

I am someone (if you don’t know me) who lives in a positive energy. As much as possible I make the most of a situation, I don’t let changes to the plan ruin my experience, and when everything is going wrong I try to look on the bright side.

That isn’t to say that I don’t have bad days, I do. There are days I am exhausted, I don’t feel great, I feel drained or I just can’t be bothered or someone has drained me because I have allowed their negative energy to overpower me.

When we have these off days I don’t think for one second that you should hide it and pretend to the world that everything is rosie, but I do think you need to select your time to have the less positive energy.

There will be times that I teach a class and I am pretty much going through the motions, saying the right things, smiling, helping doing the best I can. I know that the next time I see this class I need to be 110% for them.

People who have been in my class and are remotely switched on just know… They can feel the energy and the difference.

What is your energy like?

Do you recognise when you are not on your top game?

Do you know what it is that knocks you off your game?

Do you know what you need to do to get back in the game?

Understanding who you are and what you need to be in the right energy is really important. Try to be around people that help you re-energize and find a way to deal with the people that suck your energy out.

Most importantly allow yourself to have those off days and don’t hide away under a false smile, just try to understand where it is coming from and get yourself out the slump as quickly as possible.

With love

Jen x

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