It’s Not Just You

I was chatting with a friend last week and they were asking me where I get all my content for my emails and blogs, because 5 days a week is a lot of content…

It is, but when you are having conversations with people and interacting and people watching you see things consistently come up that are good to share.

Why are they good to share?

Last week I met this really inspirational young lady at a networking event who suffers from anxiety and ADHD. It had taken a lot of positive self-talk to get her along to the event. A couple of things struck me with her. 1st she was managing to control her anxiety really well by making sure that she was the first one to arrive so she could place herself in a position that was comfortable for her. The 2nd was she told me that she had decided at the start of the year that she was going to be positive this year and make some changes by going after the life she wanted.

Both of these decisions were really brave and they were both completely her decisions and her actions. No one was there at the event for her and she didn’t even know the people that she knew were even going to be there.

While I was chatting to her a few of her worries came up in conversation and I told her about previous workshops that I had run that would be helpful to her to get involved with the next time they were on, also these posts might be helpful for her too.

She was really surprised that I even ran the courses, up until that moment she thought she was alone in her thought processes.

At the last goal setting workshop, one of the biggest things fed back was that it was good to know that they were not alone, and not mad that they had these challenges or struggles.

The good news is you are not alone, we all have daily battles in our heads about whether or not we are good enough, or have the right to want the things we want.

If you have a dream, go after it. If you have always wanted to learn a skill, go learn that skill.

Tomorrow I am going to tell you about another 2 ladies that I met at the networking event that were as equally inspiring.

With love

Jen x


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