It’s not just happier

I feel like I am on a happier mission at the moment. I think because the Facebook group is going so well and people are messaging me to let me know how they are getting on makes me want to share it even more.

The group is not just about being happier, it’s also about being healthier and for me both can go hand in hand, when you are happier you generally make healthier decisions and being healthier helps set your mind-set making you happier.

My top tips to being healthier:

  • Look at the foods you eat right now and make a healthier change to just one meal a day
  • Move a bit more, take every opportunity to go some errands
  • Stop beating yourself up for making the wrong decisions
  • Take responsibility for your actions
  • Add 1 more portion of veg to your daily intake

Going in for a full overhaul for most people is too much, it is setting yourself up for failure, and even though failing is not the end of the world, if you can make small sustainable changes it makes everything else easier.

What can you do today to be healthier that you will repeat and maintain in your life?

With love

Jen x

PS can help you work this shit out


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