It’s not Groundhog Day

The start of this week we have been looking at changes and how you know when and how you can change…

The good news is, unless you live in Groundhog Day then something will always be changing, most of those changes are out of your control and it does seem to be that the ones we are most afraid of changing are the ones that are within our control…

If you are still on the ‘not sure if I want things to change or not’ fence (an educated guess tells me you do, but you are just a bit scared) think about all the things that do change… It all goes ok on a day to day basis.

Somethings are not how we would ideally want them but we work with it, we adapt, we deal with it and then forget that there had ever been a problem…

Apply that same kind of thought process to the changes you do control… Try something out, see how it goes, roll with it, adapt, forget how it had been before.

Change happens around us all the time… there really is nothing to be scared of (that fear is your thoughts kidding you on) and you will feel pretty damn please with yourself when you prove your fears wrong.

Go on, give it a go

Jen x

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