It’s not about what you see in the mirror

How do you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror? I would put money on the fact that your conversation with yourself goes through a whole host of negatives that you wish were better…

‘I have wrinkles’

‘I wish my bum was bigger / smaller’

‘I have cellulite’

‘I look awful’

‘My boobs are saggy’

I could go on and on with the list… You probably also run the ‘If only I had money / time / motivation to do something about it… but (whatever your excuse is).

Now, if you REALLY hated what you saw, you would find the money / time / motivation to do something about it, the pain of what you saw would be too much and you would find ways to make the change so that you moved away from the pain, even if just a little bit – that would be the diet that you start every Monday and fall away from before the weekend.

Good news is, this isn’t actually about what your body looks like, I can tell you now that you are beautiful, you are flawless, you are not who you think you see in the mirror…

I know because I used to not even look at myself in the mirror, I didn’t like what I saw and it wasn’t anything about my shape or the condition of my skin.

I just wasn’t friends with myself.

I didn’t like who I was or where I was in my life.

It is easier to internally beat yourself up and blame all the wrong in your world for your external appearance.

You need to make friends with yourself. It’s something we look at in week 3 of the Warrior Woman Project. The first 2 weeks we look at the balance of your life, start setting some goals and look at who you are and what makes you tick.

Take some time to make friends with yourself. Forgive yourself with the knowledge that you always do your best in the moment with the knowledge you have right then… Hindsight is a wonderful thing but you can’t go back and rewrite history.

Bit deep for a Tuesday, but I am rolling with it.

Jen x

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