It’s not a sign of madness

I was reading in the Stylist magazine (the free one they give out at the train station on a Wednesday – it’s actually a really good read) the other day and the good news is…. Talking to yourself is actually really good for you…

In fact the old wives tale of ‘talking to yourself is the first sign of madness’ is actually incorrect.

THANK GAWD for that…

I jibber away to myself constantly, pretty sure it’s out loud too even when I am outside in public… If there was a camera set up in my house it would likely make for some interesting TV!! Not only do I put the world to rights, I work out my problems and entertain myself – If you work from home then you will totally understand that I have to entertain myself and get answers from somewhere.

The interesting thing that the article brought attention to was that as small kids, we talked to ourselves all the time. If you don’t remember (or don’t want to admit it) listen to kids if you ever hear them when they are on their own they chatter away, working things out, telling themselves stories, clearing thoughts in their head, learning and repeating what they have seen through the days… Their imaginations are leading the way.

We / they only stop the chatter that when we/they learn embarrassment or someone at some point has told us we were mad.

The article actively encourages you talking to yourself, which psychological research to back up that we need to talk to ourselves to work out our problems and sort out our thoughts.

I have had many lightbulb moments deep in conversation with myself from ideas to realisations about why I have become the person I am today.

Have a good old chat to yourself today and see what comes out of it.

Jen x



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