Its motivating Monday

WWP event was a massive hit… I have already started planning the next one from the feedback.. Goal setting and how to break it down to manageable steps, how to deal with feeling overwhelmed, how to switch the fear off and the motivation on… I have a fantastic plan and can’t wait to share it with you… Bookings will be open in the next couple of weeks once I have confirmed a date 🙂

One of the questions I was asked at the event was how do I stay motivated all the time to get so much done…

The 100% absolute truth… I don’t. I have days when I sit on my ass watching The Real Housewives of Wherever and The Bill procrastinating, avoiding making decisions, hiding from putting myself and my message out there because I get scared too. I get demotivated. I find things hard.

BUT, after I have a day like this, I have a stern talking to myself and I create a list of the things that I need to get done… From that list I commit to doing at least 3 challenging ones and 2 easy ones. I start with the easy ones to get the momentum going.

Going after what you want isn’t easy all the time. It is bloody scary and that is why so many people choose to settle or just go for content.

Sometimes you just need to ignore the doubts and voices that tell you that ‘you can’t’ or ‘you are not good enough’ or ‘who do you think you are?’

To help you build some confidence, start with something small, something that pushes your boundaries just a little bit and see how it feels when you go for it. If you succeed, amazing. If you fail, amazing, you have learned one way that doesn’t work for you and you can tick that off your list.

Just lastly, learn to give yourself a break. If you have had a shit day, accept it, get over it and know that the next day is a fresh start.

Take care

Jen x


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