It’s all in the mind

I heard an epic statement the other day that made me stop and think WOW!!!

‘Your world is not stressful, it’s all in your mind’

Everything that is going on in your head is your thoughts. Yes you might be busy, there might be deadlines, other people relying on you, asking you for help… You have the ability to say ‘No’ or ask someone else to help you out when things are busy.

The stress usually comes from the forward thinking ‘I have to do XYZ, she said this, he said that, they will think this, I will think that’.

Take a few minutes every single morning before you do anything and meditate. Your brain is busy overnight rebooting, resetting, organising the events of the day just gone past then it has to wake you up so it hasn’t had a moment to settle.

Taking the few minutes when you wake up to just settle your head will make everything else clearer and calmer through the rest of the day.

Maybe you have to set your alarm for 5 minutes earlier. It will totally be worth it when you start to notice the benefits throughout the day. You can get an app that will do a 5 minute guided meditation like Zen Mindfulness or Headspace.

If you find yourself getting out of zen later in the day go hide in the toilet and take a quick breather…

A stressful head is not a productive head.

Have an amazing day

Jen x

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