It took me a year

Woosh… it’s nearly the end of the month already…

Today, following on from yesterday’s reflection on your time out, we are going to start reflecting on where you are for the month.

Get out your To Do list or goals for the month and have a look, what still needs to be actioned?

How far have you come?

Have you remembered to congratulate yourself for your achievements? Is there any last minute actions you need to take so you feel better about tomorrow’s task?

Last week I finally got round to completing a couple of online courses that I had read all the theory and had answered the questions I just hadn’t got round to getting online to complete them… ONE YEAR later and they are now complete! For one year they had been getting moved from one month’s list to the next. You have no idea how pleased with myself I was for actually getting them done – that sense of achievement could have been achieved so much sooner if I had just completed them back at the time. There is also a good chance that I would have completed even more of them…

The lesson here and the challenge to you:

The thing you have been pushing back the most. Make it happen before the month is out.

Challenging you to be better

Jen x

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