It could be great

How is your week going with the challenges I am putting to you?

Are you making progress? Are you starting to feel better about yourself? Are you taking some action and taking control of your life?

It is easy to listen and just say ‘oh yeah, that sounds amazing… must do that…’ and then forget all about it.

It’s easy to sit back and say ‘everything is good so I don’t REALLY need to take action’.

The problem when things are good is it’s comfy, it’s hard to push yourself forward and look for the great.

Going after something great is so much easier when you hate your situation or you are already at rock bottom.

You will know if there is something great in your life because it excites you, you want to talk about it all the time, it makes you feel alive… If everything is just good can you really just stay there when there is greatness out there waiting for you?

Ask yourself what would you have to lose that you couldn’t get back if you didn’t take a chance on greatness?

If there was one thing in the world that you could do, what would it be?

I would love to know.

Jen x

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