Is it easy to be happy?

‘The moment of victory is too short to live for’ # Andre Agassi.

You step on to the scales and you have lost a couple of pounds – this makes you happy.

You get a promotion at work – this makes you happy.

You get a date with the hot dude you have been dreaming about for ages – this makes you happy.

These are all great things that can make you happy in a day, the only thing with them is they are all related to goals. These are your moments of victory.

If you dictate your life around ‘I will be happy when… I have lost weight, got a job promotion, got a date’ then you are setting yourself up to spend the rest of your time unhappy.

We then have the self-sabotage moments of happiness:

I’ve had a shit week, so I will eat crap to make me feel better for 5 minutes and will get back on it tomorrow.

I have put weight on over the winter, but I need to wait for the better weather to come in then I will get started (If you live in Scotland, that day may never come).

I want to take up jogging but its wet outside.

I’m going to start on Monday.

Does the tomorrow actually ever come? Do you start on Monday or are there things that come up and you put it off for another week?

How many days, weeks, months or even years have passed since you made that promise to yourself?

When does it get so bad that you need to stop and take action? How much emotional pain do you need to be in before you can’t take anymore?

When do you make the decision that long term ongoing happiness is a better option than the goal driven, may never actually happen happiness?

There are simple steps that you can take to make changes. Implementing your FREE daily emails is one way. Another is signing up to the Warrior Woman Project, holding yourself accountable and actually making the change

Life is easier to get through when you are happy (I promise) and it is as simple as making the decision to be happy.

Jen x




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