Is having a flat tummy really going to make you happy?

Schopenhauer the philosopher said ‘to neglect one’s body for any other advantage in life is the greatest of follies’I am not going to lie, I had to Google follies (to save you it means ‘lack of good sense’)

One of my clients recently announced that she was just going to get liposuction because it was easier than doing the exercise and eating thing, she doesn’t think that having a flat tummy is going to make her happy anyway so she might as well focus on the things in her life that make her happy and forget about the stuff that makes her unhappy…

She stayed in class and then worked her ass on in PT while telling me that when she is away travelling she will be doing exercises every day to keep her ass in shape and make sure she doesn’t put on loads of weight while she is away travelling for 3 months.

I am pretty sure the liposuction is just chat.

Getting back to Schopenhauer, you only have one body to live in and its with you for life.

You make sure that you MOT the car, gets a service regularly, keep the oil & filters clean, you pay a lot of money to look after a car that you only keep for a few years.

So why then are you are happy to ignore and abuse your body which is for life?

I am guessing there is something you might not happy with; your of lack energy, what you see in the mirror, how you fit in to your clothes, how your bits wobble when you walk (never mind run), how out of breath you get going up stairs, you used to look good then you found your love for the vino…

You want to be buzzing with energy, look great in those clothes as you take the stairs 2 at a time (that might be pushing it a bit)… Hell YOU want to look and feel good naked!

I am not suggesting that you aim for a fitness model physique (unless it’s a goal), but you do want the confidence, pride, smile when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror.

Finding the balance between living a life where you can eat out, have a drink and look awesome is not as hard as you think it might be.

There will be sacrifices made, lifestyle changes have to happen.

It’s your current lifestyle that is making you not like what you see just now.

It’s robbing you of that confidence.

It’s holding you back.

It’s time to make a change and find Freedom in Training.
Jen x

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