Inside Out

I love listening to people talk about their life story, and hear other people’s view of the world. Recently I was at a business networking event and one of the women presenting said something that really struck a chord with me…

‘We experience life from the inside out’

What she meant by that was that our thoughts are what change, not the external event. Let’s take your working life as an example. Some days you can wake up to your day and think ‘oh my god, I don’t know how I am going to get through this day…’ another day you can wake up and think ‘this is the best thing that has ever happened to me, this is amazing, I am amazing, I feel totally blessed’ and on another day you can wake up and feel nothing in particular and you go through the motions of your day.

None of these things are conscious thoughts or feelings, they are what you awaken with and then what you choose to move through your day with.

I have mentioned before about the 90 second emotion, after 90 seconds an emotion will have passed unless your conscious mind chooses to hold on to the emotion…

So, when you wake and notice how you feel, how do you choose to proceed with your day?

This would be when doing your morning pages and your gratitude journals would come in handy to help you clear any negative thoughts or let you work out what is going on and change your focus to a more positive place.

Just something for you to ponder over this fine Monday morning

Jen x

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