i won’t let this get the better of me

Hey, hey, how was your weekend?

Some weeks I feel like my feet don’t touch the ground between trips to Galway then to Peterborough, training with the European Master Trainer team, driving home, classes, meetings, exercise rehab, training, preparing food, writing, loving every minute.

In among all this chaos I discover that my Helicobacter has reared its ugly head.

Heartburn, bloating, beltching, cramps among other symptoms I don’t need to share.

I know exactly what happened.

I was really busy, running about, not organised.

When I was on holiday there was a whole week of couple of beers in the evening, chocolate, bread, pizza, food on the run and I didn’t get that much better when I got back…

I have been running about, not taking time out to get organised.

I have been feeding that parasite left right and centre for about a month now.

Now, I could go to the Dr but I know that they will refer me to the hospital and it will be another 8 weeks before I get my test (at least) before they then pump my system with antibiotics.


Last time I had a flare up, I took time to do some research in to natural ways to beat it.

Avoid: sugar, yeast, alcohol, dairy, eggs, and gluten.

Increase: broccoli, ginger, olive oil, coconut oil, pineapple, raspberries, mint, turmeric, cinnamon, kefir, liquorice and oregano.

Lets face it, the avoid list is pretty much what we should be avoiding anyway (apart from eggs and dairy for some people).

Your body is an amazing instrument. It sends out signals when it is not happy.

Skin conditions like acne, eczema & psoriasis. Bloating and excess gas. IBS. Lethargy. PCOS. Even stress, depression and mood swings are linked to the food we eat.

It is so important to listen to these signals and act on them, with your main focus your health and having the energy to live a life that is not just sleep, eat, work, repeat.

I have been listening to some podcasts recently, and one of the guys who was on was talking about turning your symptoms up and down.

Understanding what foods cause what reactions, and if you really want that bit of cake or glass of wine, you will know and understand how your body reacts then how to get it to calm down again.

An interesting thing came up when I was chatting with my mentor last week.

During the summer when he has aggravated hay fever, eating sugar makes it worse and makes him wheeze meaning he needs to take his inhaler.

Sometimes he wants that bit of chocolate more than he cares that he needs to take a shot of inhaler…

Have you ever thought about any ailments you have that you maybe take medication for or put up with and haven’t considered that it could be your lifestyle?

Is your lifestyle too important that you are willing to sacrifice your health?

Has it not even been something you have considered?

One of the things that I get my ladies on the nutrition programme to do is to keep a food, activity and mood diary.

This is the first step in identifying anything that might not quite agree with you.

I spent the day making roast veg, veg soup, quinoa & butternut squash burgers and spicy chickpeas to make sure I am set up for the week ahead.

Get your shit together this time…

Jen x

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