I was way off balance

Oh how times have changed for me, I remember the last day of my Commonwealth Games events, very busy day; Early morning netball, home to inhale some food, do some work and write some emails. Then shower, get changed and scoff dinner (in the car) on the way to pick Kirsty up to go to the athletics…

THEN I was meeting another group of friends to go out clubbing – on a school night!

I am not going to lie, when I was dropping Kirsty off after the event I was so tempted to just go home. Watching athletes all day is exhausting.

I decided to go, just for an hour… but I stayed till 2am…

I was driving and I don’t drink anyway, so a hangover wasn’t going to be an issue. I had such a good night… I even wrote a work email on the dancefloor because I hadn’t had time before I left the house.

We had an amazing night. We laughed lots. We danced. I drank loads of water while everyone else was getting wrecked and I left just after 2am.

Sometimes even on a school night you need to let your hair down, blow away the cobwebs and have a dance.

I find with my friends that we are all so busy and work different hours that we hardly get to see each other.

It’s important to make time for fun in your life.

I was a workaholic, 7 days a week, 18hr days, working and studying, and missing out on fun times.

It’s all changed now, I am all about the work life balance, fun time gets scheduled in, nights out, lunch or coffee with friends, family dinners, gym time, classes for me, cinema visits, museums, meet-ups, even my meditation gets scheduled in.

It might seem a bit anal that it’s all in my calendar and I am pretty much fully booked every week but I am much less stressed. I feel happier. I still work and I still learn but now I also take time for me and fun.

What things in your life do you need to change to get a better balance? What stopped you from making those changes? What would it take for you to find that balance?

It took me a year of poor health, moodiness (wanting to be on my own all the time), Dr visits, blood tests and a referral to haematology to realise that I had it all wrong…I don’t recommend waiting that long.

Act now. Be less stressed. Get some balance. So many people that I meet these days tell me all they want is more fun in their life, the long slow journey to work, other people first, forgetting about yourself can be reversed in one simple decision. That decision is just to do something for you.

It really is that easy, even if it’s only starting with 10mins of you time a day to enjoy a coffee or view or read a chapter of a book.

That first tiny step really will turn it round for you.

Have a fab day

Jen x

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