I was blown away

I was blown away

Royal Mail does not have the best reputation for customer service. I used to be in awe of how they could find so many disinterested and rude staff to man their post offices and collection depots.

BUT the collection depot on Hawthorn St and my postman has turned that on its head in less than 2 hours. I was down picking up my tickets for the Commonwealth Games (Athletics & Netball – cannot wait for this to start in Glasgow).

Went in with my card and ID, the lady cheerily told me it was tickets I was picking up, we then had a conversation about Wimbledon, the World Cup and the Commonwealth Games.

I was only back at my house 30mins when the doorbell rang and it was the posty with my protein delivery.

He saw me down at the depot and knew he had a parcel for me in his van so thought he would drop it round to me now instead of 12pm when he knew I would be out and save me another trip down to the depot the next day.

I was blown away by his conscientiousness.

I even went on to the Royal Mail website to write to them to let them know how nice it is to see people not just doing their job but actually doing it with purpose and going that extra mile.

Funny thing, on the site the only way I could get the message through was to put it in as a complaint (says a lot about what they expect).

I did get a really nice email back saying that they had passed it on to the depot manager and at their next meeting they were going to brief the team about my email and thank the staff there.

The next time I was in collecting a parcel they thanked me for my email and they had each been given a £10 gift card.

It’s sad that it’s a rare thing to see people actually enjoying their job. I read a lot of books about personal development and finding your purpose, and I believe we all have a purpose and what is one person’s ideal job is another’s idea of hell.

That is why I am a big believer in doing what you love.

Find your passion and live it.

It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you get something from it that makes you feel happy and purposeful.

If you hate your job, I have to ask the question, why the hell are you doing it?

Do you not deserve to do something you like (at least)?

I am not saying quit your job tomorrow, but take a step back and look at what you do like and what you would change in a heartbeat.

I’ll leave that thought with you, I would love to hear if you love what you do and how you got there or hate what you do and what you would lie to do instead…

Jen x

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