I want to give you something

How did you get on getting uncomfortable yesterday?

Let me ask you this (and please hit reply to answer this question). If I could give you something for free to help you, to say thank you for your continued support, what would that thing be that you would like me to pass on to you?

It is the last day of September and I set myself some goals at the start of the month to hold myself accountable… Just to remind you:

– Be in bed before 1030pm

– Alarm set for 530am on working days to do morning pages and yoga before I leave my room

– Make sure I am drinking enough water (as the weather gets cooler I tend to forget)

– Proper meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner EVERY day

– Take more chances and be open to more opportunities

The only one that I didn’t do every single day was the first one, be in bed before 1030pm, there were a couple of nights that I was either travelling or on nights out… but that is okay, every other night that I was in I was in bed and settled.

Continuing these goals on in to October the one that I want to focus most on is taking more chances and be more open to opportunities… I did take some small steps, but I know that these steps need to be bigger. I want to have a more balanced life, yes I love the life I have, but there is room for more…

A couple of you have been asking about my book… It is with the publisher just now for it’s first edit, I have to start thinking about a title for it, cover design and who I would like to approach for my foreword… Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…

Think about what you want to achieve through October… set your goals, write them down, make them public, share them, hold yourself accountable for them…

Don’t forget to hit reply to: If I could give you away something for free to help you, what would that thing be that you would like me to pass on to you?

Jen x



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