I tip my hat to you

I was chatting to one of the older gentlemen in the gym the other day and he likes to tell me stories, most days he tells me the same story but that is all good, he is 88, been married for 61 years and has been training at the gym 4 days a week for the last 50 odd years…

I had actually bumped in to him and his wife at the cinema on Saturday and when I saw him back at the gym I asked him if he had enjoyed the movie… He looked at me kind of blankly and asked what it was he had been to see… He then had a good old chuckle about the fact that he doesn’t have the best memory any more but pointed out that he would be much worse if he hadn’t been training for all these years.

He reminded me of my Granda who we had only been talking about the week before, he had seriously bad rheumatoid arthritis from his 30’s, he took every medication on offer, tried every old wives tale home remedy, kept as active as his body would allow, when he couldn’t walk far he went on his exercise bike, he did everything he could to keep moving and try to keep the pain at bay.

My mum remembered someone questioning him about why he even bothered with the exercise when he was in constant pain. His response, how do you not know it is making some difference?

It’s easy to give up when an obstacle is put in your way, whether it’s getting older, having an illness or disability they are all good excuses to just not bother any more, an easy way out.

I am inspired by people who see the obstacle as a challenge to prove the world wrong.

My friend Adam has been confined to a wheelchair all his life and is a top personal trainer over in Australia, he takes part in the WCMX – the wheelchair equivalent to BMX riding.

I have several friends who are dyslexic and don’t let that get in the way of them learning, progressing up the career ladder or even running their own business. They find different ways to learn that means they don’t get held back.

I have many friends from a wide spectrum of backgrounds that don’t let where they have come from or what they have been through as an excuse to not get the best out of their world.

I want to take a moment to show my respect to you all, you are faced with a challenge and you find a way round.

Thank you for being my inspiration.

Jen x


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