I never used to worry…

I talk to you a lot about stress and ways to overcome it, breathing being the number 1 thing to put in place. That moment to stop, take a minute, clear your thoughts and look at your situation from a different perspective.

I was reading about the Buddhist’s rule on worrying:
Just don’t.

It seems so simple, yet for many of us we seem to struggle with the ‘just don’t worry’ concept… There is always a ‘what if…’

Most worry is about a potential outcome created by your imagination, usually negative and usually highly dramatic…

I was talking to one of my friends the other day about the possibility of her going abroad to work, she has mentioned it a few times and we were discussing the reality of it… One of her worries – what would she do when she came back home if she had rented out her house and what would she do for work…

There wasn’t at this moment in time even a job never mind something that may or may not even happen much, much further down the line…

The ‘what if’ is always a big IF and a bridge that you cross when you come to it IF at all…

I used to be good at not worrying about things. I remember when I was moving to Australia with my then husband and my mum asking me ‘what if you get there and don’t like it?’ it wasn’t something that I had considered and didn’t even then… Not until I got there and actually didn’t like it and I dealt with it at that point.

If I had worried about that before I left I might have never gone which would have meant that I wouldn’t have found out for myself… It wasn’t that I didn’t like Australia, it just wasn’t home.

When you worry you get stressed, when you are stressed you don’t function right and you are so caught up living in the future you miss what is going on in the present.

As much as you can, stay present. When you start to hear the worries creep in to your mind, find a way to quiet them and as much as you can… Don’t worry.

Have a worry free day

Jen x

PS If you are worrying about whether or not you should join the Warrior Woman Project and have any questions about it, just hit reply to this email and ask away, I will do my very best to answer any questions you have.

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