I love Mondays

I love Mondays

Monday morning, new day, new week, fresh start… I hope your weekend was productive and happy (did you try those suggestions I made on Friday?).

When I think about it there really isn’t a day that I don’t like, not even a day that I look forward to less than others…

Each day brings new challenges, new adventures, new opportunities and new challenges…

Is my life perfect? Absolutely not.

Am I living in a world of denial? Absolutely not.

Do I sometimes lie in bed and think ‘I could just lie here all day’? Yes, I have done.

I changed a lot about my world.

I used to have a job that I hated, I would stay in bed until I had to get up or I would be late.

I used to go in to work and do the bare minimum I could get away with without getting in to trouble.

I used to live for the weekend and holidays counting down the minutes until I could clock off.

I do look forward to my day off and my holidays because I get to do something and go somewhere different, but it’s part of my life.

I was asked by Collette during my interview the other week if passion and purpose for my job were separate to other parts of my life.

For me they are all part of the same thing, the lines are blurred, what I do to relax helps me with my work, what I do in my work helps me to relax… I feel very fortunate and know that this way is what is right for me.

I have friends that are very passionate about their work but when they walk out the office they don’t think about that part of their life again until the next day they are in the office…

To live a happy life it doesn’t need to be the most exciting adventurous time, we actually get more from the small things that occur every day than we do from the big exciting adventures.  All the little things that we take for granted in life are what we realise make us happy when they are no longer available to us.

The mug I drink my tea from in the house, tea in smaller mugs in other locations are just not the same and are not as satisfying.

The first night I sleep on clean sheets makes me want to change the sheets every day.

Seeing the smiles / grimaces on the faces of my indoor cycling class participants faces at the end of class.

Lying still at the end of a yoga class when we do the Shavasna (relaxation time).

Lots of little things make up the happiness of my day… If you are not feeling delighted with your life right now, what are the little things that are getting you through?

With love

Jen x

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