I love a caveat

Following on from yesterday’s email about your gut feelings and what to do when we don’t know or understand what is going on…Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Sometimes we discover that things no longer serve us, and that’s okay, it’s okay to let go. Jobs, plans, dreams, goals, people…
It’s not always a nice or easy decision, sometimes you feel like you should remain loyal, or you feel like a failure by walking away, but by not letting go, the person you are not being loyal to and failing is yourself.
Your happiness is the ultimate goal and purpose of your life and what you want isn’t going to please everyone, but if everyone had their focus on happiness as their ultimate goal they would understand…
If you have been in a job for some time and it no longer challenges you or it feels like the same shit, different day, you need to freshen it up, either by approaching it with a different attitude or looking for something else. A job doesn’t need to be for life, equally if you run your own business and it starts to feel like a job maybe you need to change the direction of that business.
If a relationship (friend, family, colleague, acquaintance) is sucking the soul out of you, the dynamics of the relationship may no longer fit, everyone grows on their own path and sometimes those paths move in different directions (and that’s okay). Loyalty, habit and history are not valid or honest reasons to stay, maybe it’s not the end of that connection but the connection needs to change, a conversation needs to be had.
Completely letting go isn’t always easy, believe me I know, it can be heart breaking, devastating, really bloody sad in that moment when the decision and conversation happens. I have had these conversations in my personal relationships and also in business relationships. But quickly when space is created, what you let go of creates space for what needs to be there.
*caveat – letting go doesn’t need to be a dramatic resignation or break up, it can simply be the decision to make less space in your life, head and heart for what doesn’t fit anymore. If there are others involved it may need a gentle but honest conversation, always be careful with others hearts.

I love a caveat now I know what it means (I had to ask the person who used it with me, google dictionary can also be your best friend).

Have you managed to say F**k it to many things? How did it feel?

With love, improving my language skills

Jen x

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