I have no time…

I don’t have time…

Best excuse for not eating well, not finding a boyfriend, not having hobbies, not seeing family or friends, not having a social life, not exercising, not reading, not learning, not writing your book, not finding a new job and not challenging ourselves. The list could go on to a full page of things you want to try and avoid in your life.

That excuse is the bullshit that we tell ourselves to let us off the hook from doing the things that scare us or could potentially make us really happy BUT we need to show a bit of that vulnerability that I have talked to you about before.

Then, when we start to find some time instead of using productively to work on the above list, we take on more work or the easy stuff so we can keep using it as our shield.

Yeah, I am a pro at that too.

Our comfort zone is not our best friend but in fact our worst enemy. It’s all cosy and comfy there and no one can touch us, no one can hurt us, we can‘t be challenged or have to justify ourselves.

Over there we are awesome, yes. BUT. We are not being the most awesome that we could be.

Yes, we will sometimes get it wrong, we will fail, it won’t work out how we would like it to, BUT it will in the long run make us and our world better.

How many times have you eventually been forced to do something and when you did it, you realised that it wasn’t as bad as you thought it would have been or even wished that you had started it sooner?

Yeah, that…

So this weekend, off of your list of things that you should be doing but have managed to avoid through your business… Do 1 thing to change it. Take a step to making a start.

What can you make time for this weekend that you have been avoiding??

Have a fab weekend

Jen x

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