I Have Been A Nightmare

Hands up, I have been an absolute nightmare the last few weeks, I don’t even want to hang out with me!

My mood has been low, I have really low tolerance to everyone, I feel unmotivated, I feel agitated, I haven’t been sleeping well. I generally just feel like shit…

So, what’s up?

You might be aware that earlier in the year I decided to do one week no sugar, which was no processed sugar (sweets, chocolate, cakes, ice-cream etc) I was still eating fruit and veg and a tiny amount of honey. That one week turned in to 9 weeks right up until Easter. I felt awesome, my sleep was great, I was on an even keel mood.

Then Easter Sunday I had some chocolate (a small buttons egg), that night sleep was crap. I then went on holiday and had cake, and chocolate, and sweets. I came home with a chest cold and now 2 weeks later I still can’t shift the cold and as per my list above I am not fun to be around.

It’s not just been the sugar, I haven’t been to my 2 yoga classes a week, I haven’t been practicing mindfulness or meditating regularly, I haven’t been in the gym to lift any weights…

I have let quite a few things go and I feel like I am in chaos.

So, what’s the plan?

I start working through my warrior woman project programme, I look at my wheel of happiness to find out what is out of balance, I will write out some goals and create the plan I need to get me back on track. You can get signed up over at www.warriorwomanproject.com if you feel like you are in need of some help to get on track.

On Sunday 1st May I am launching the Warrior Woman Project Small Group Training where we will meet 3 times a week at The Arc gym at Caledonian University and create a tailor-made programme just for you. There will be fundamental exercises that you will all do, but the level you work at will be specific to your ability and goals so there is no need to worry if you have never been in a gym before or have no idea what you are doing. We all have to start somewhere. The training days will be Sunday 1030am, Tuesday 530pm and Thursday 630pm, then there are the Pilates classes on Saturday 10am and Wednesday 7pm at SDTA, 101 Park Rd.

If the package on the site doesn’t suit your needs please get in touch and we can work something out to tailor it to what works for you.

It is amazing how some small changes can make such an impact on your life, a couple of wrong changes and it feels like your feet have slipped from under you and you struggle to regain control. A couple of small changes in the right direction and you feel like you can take on the world.

It is always easier when you do something with other people and have that support around you.

Have a lovely day

With love

Jen x

PS Check out the Warrior Woman Project packages at www.warriorwomanproject.com we kick off the first group Sunday 1st May 1030am


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