I hate you so much right now

I hate you so much right now…

I hate you, you’re fat, you’re ugly, you’re stupid, you’re useless, you’re not worth it, you don’t deserve good things, you’re a failure… There are a lot of nasty things that we tell ourselves and all too often. Let’s face it, telling yourself it once is one time too often. That nasty bitch that lives in our heads is our own worst critic that never gives us a break.

Each time you tell yourself one of these lies, you look for verification that it is true, what you look for you find.

If you think you are fat, you weigh yourself, compare yourself to someone else who is smaller than you, try on an outfit that you know doesn’t fit you.

If you think you are ugly, you only see and hear the people who you think reject you, you forget about all the friends and family you have that love you and see your beauty.

You go out of your way to prove to yourself that you are no good.

If your friend spoke to you like that, how long would you let them hang around? Even the meanest of people would think twice about saying these things out loud. If someone spoke like that to me, chances are they wouldn’t have their own teeth for long (not that I condone violence, but you wouldn’t stand there and take it).

What do you do to shut her up?

This can be tough to do especially if you have done a good job of convincing yourself that you are a worthless, ugly piece of shit that doesn’t deserve to be happy.

The good news is though if you can convince yourself that much that you are crap, you will have the same power within you to turn that round.

It’s your choice what you think and how you feel about yourself.

First thing I want you to do is get out of your own head, look at yourself as though you are actually standing outside your own body looking at you as a stranger. What do the people who love you think of you? What is it the love about you? What are your positive traits that you have on your CV? Why do your friends want to hang out with you?

Find 5 things that you love about yourself (these can be physical or personality) do this first thing in the morning.

Once you have that 5, keep the list where you can see it.

Then, at the end of your day add at least another 5 to that list.

Tomorrow and the next day and for the rest of the week, repeat, repeat, repeat… find as many things as you can and create a huge list so big that when the nasty thoughts come in to your head you have that list ready.

Believe in yourself

Jen x

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