I forgot to tell you my story

I forgot to tell you last week… I climbed (successfully) my first Munro, Ben Lomond. Funny story with the climb, I vaguely read the instructions of where I was to go when I got there to find the path to start my climb, which really means I saw some words on a bit of paper and thought I would just follow the signs when I got there.

There were no clear signs.

The first time I attempted the climb when I arrived in the car park there was a family there, the man was on the phone and what I could make out he was speaking to a friend who was giving him directions to the path to climb Ben Lomond… So, I followed them (as you do).

My first attempt a few weeks ago wasn’t successful, it was really low cloud and poor visibility and I had long overtaken the family I had followed on to the path.

My second attempt, I didn’t need to wait for anyone else, I knew exactly where I was going, yaldi.

In my initial research I had read that Ben Lomond was one of the easiest hills to climb, people had also said something about a wide path and stones that had been laid that made it like climbing up someone’s house stairs… It didn’t even dawn on me for a second that the path I was on was nothing like that description.

I was also thinking as I started my final climb to the summit ‘if this is the easiest one, I don’t know that I will be ticking off many of the Munro’s, this is tough’, it was tough, I was rock climbing, sweating, scrambling, heart pounding to get up the last section, a bit concerned about how I was going to get back down. The clouds were high and nothing was getting in my way this time…

As I huffed and puffed my way to the top, a couple appeared from the other side, sauntering up, chatting, then another couple… As I looked beyond them, a wide path that looked like a long staircase… I asked them where that path went… You guessed it, the main car park…

I opted to go back the path I didn’t come up… In true Jen style I had managed to take the more challenging path. On my decent I knew that the path I had taken to climb the hill was the right path for me, it pushed me out my comfort zone, made me think, made me question my abilities and bring in new skills I had learned only a couple of weeks before. Don’t think for one second that the ‘easier’ path wouldn’t have challenged me, I am sure it would, but not in a way that made me feel more confident.

Some things in life we need to take on and work out what is right for us ourselves. That’s why I have the Warrior Woman Project as an online programme where you start the job yourself. You get to think about what it is you want, where you are right now and what needs to happen to make things better for you. Once you do the initial part yourself, then we have a chat, work out your next steps from there.

I used to get frustrated when I was being coached and what felt like an eternity to get to the answer and Brian would just sit there and smile at me, he knew all along… There would have been no power in my learning if he had just told me what I needed to do…

Warrior Woman Project starts from as little as £39 per month, for more information head over to www.warriorwomanproject.com or drop me an email and we can arrange a chat.

With love


PS Last chance to get booked in for the workshop tomorrow.

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