I finally got this meditation thing

Day 2 we are going to meditate, if you already regularly do, fantastic. If you do it sporadically or not at all, it’s time to get it in to our routine every day.

This took me a bit of practice to get used to doing but once you get it, it starts to get easier, but like exercise when you stop it gets hard to get back in to. Think about your brain as a muscle that needs exercised.

There are loads of great apps, free downloads, youtube video’s to take you through guided meditation. There are also loads of groups on meetup that you can go along to group meditation.

The benefits of meditation are even been taken on by the NHS who have it in their mental health programmes. There are some schools that are introducing it too. You might sometimes see it as Mindfulness, this is a form of meditation.

It is amazing how taking the time to focus on your breathing, getting oxygen in to the body, in to the muscles and organs helps them work efficiently and it lets you clear your head.

I am not going to lie, it took ages for me to be able to sit and stop thinking, but it does happen. I have one of the busiest and noisiest heads (which we probably all think ours is worse than anyone else’s) and like with everything practice does make it easier.

Every time I closed my eyes a thought would jump in to my head of something I needed to do. I had to get a notepad handy so that I could write the stuff down just to calm my brain.

Give it a go, find an app or programme that works for you and take some time out. It can be anything from just a couple of minutes to 60 minute classes. The more you practice it the quicker you will relax and the shorter the time you will need to do it.

I know people that take regular 30 second meditations that just let them reset their brain and get their breathing back under control (when you are stressed you will take really shallow breaths)

Did you do your letter yesterday?

Let me know how you get on with your meditation

Jen x

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