I failed

I failed.

I ended the year pretty damn pleased with myself. I had my week schedule all nicely organised, I had plenty of down time, I was doing yoga every day, I was meditating regularly, my eating was pretty good (not perfect, but pretty good), I was getting my emails all written up at least a week in advance and I was happy with the way each week was unfolding.

Enter the New Year… Somehow I ended up back to working 7 days a week, I wasn’t eating well at all and all the plans for progress seemed to be slipping down my list of priorities. I had my excuses to myself ready… I love all the classes I am teaching and getting up at 530am just means my exercise is done for the day and I have the rest of the day to myself…

3 weeks in and I was loaded with the cold, dark circles under my eyes and I was exhausted.

Not the fantastic start to the year I was looking for.

I had to quickly come to terms with the fact that some things were going to have to go. Telling one of my spin classes that I wasn’t going to be there anymore was traumatic – their little faces were distraught (as nice as it was that they care, I do still see most of them at least twice a week!).

Once I am over this cold I will be grateful of the day off, no alarm being set, no plans, nowhere to be unless I want to be there… I am making it a strict no laptop day.

We all fail at things. The important thing is to recognise as quickly as we can that we dropped the ball and pick it back up again (without beating ourselves up).

It’s almost the end of the first month… are you on track with your goals? It’s pretty much time to review them – Remember your big dream from Monday… Is that a feature of your goas?

Review and pick yourself back up

Jen x

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