How to win the lottery

How to win the lottery… I am no Derrin Brown so can’t predict the lucky numbers for you to win your millions… but I can tell you my theory on winning the lottery of life…

It’s pretty simple (in my mind anyway).


When we stop and think of all the things that we are grateful for we realise how rich in life we are.

Changes that have happened for me since starting to practice gratitude:

  • I have stopped shopping to make myself feel better – I do still buy myself books (to learn mostly but some to entertain) and I mostly get them now from the charity shop. I also bought new trainers last week but I hadn’t bought new trainers in over a year and I wear them pretty much all day every day, 2 pairs of my trainers I put out recently were over 2 years old so they were needed.
  • I have started to clear out my clutter getting rid of stuff that I have not used / worn / looked at in more than 6 months. Bags have gone to the charity shop, I sold some of the stuff and I have a collection of stuff that I am going to take to a car boot sale sometime soon.
  • I realise how lucky I am to have the people that I have in my life. They all bring something to my life (sometimes that something can be a challenge to make me look deeper and find patience but mostly it is love and happiness).
  • I am thankful and grateful for my health and I am more consciously doing things to keep improving it, from the food choices I make to the exercise and stress releasing practice I do. If you follow me on social media you may have seen recently that I have been eliminating as much processed sugar from my diet as possible. On Easter Sunday I had an egg in the evening then had the worst night sleep in about 9 weeks… Self-experimenting on what works for you to improve your own health is the most effective way.
  • I am more aware of serendipity moments, those moments that happen that the universe is just lining up for things to happen and changes to occur that you just didn’t expect.
  • I feel content with life.
  • I feel calmer and at peace with myself.

Money pays the bills and takes some stress off to make life a bit easier but it doesn’t make us happy. If you go back through all the lottery millionaires, a large percentage of them are no happier or less happy than before they won the money.

If you don’t practice gratitude daily (why the bloody hell not? I go on about it often enough) start today. 3 things you are grateful for wen you wake up and 3 things you are grateful for at the end of the day.

Make a habit of reading back through the things you are grateful for.

One of the Warriors does a lovely thing with her family and they have a gratitude jar and anytime someone does something for them that they are grateful for they put a note in the jar. Once a month they go through it and share, you would be surprised the things people are grateful for that you don’t even think about because you are just doing what you do…

Go put your numbers on you…

With gratitude

Jen x

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