How to be your own hero

Yesterday I was talking to you about how to get out of your rut and when wisdom and motivation are going to actually help you…

Today, you are going to start to learn how to be your own hero. Let’s face it, we are with ourselves 24/7, there is no getting away from that and if we know that we can rely on ourselves then we don’t need to wait to be saved… If someone does come along to the rescue then we get to appreciate it rather than expect it.

If you want courage, you need to do something that you are afraid of. I am afraid of heights, that does not mean for me that if I did an abseil I would feel courageous… I can’t see the benefit of that… On the other hand I am afraid of failing, so doing something that I am not sure either way that I would be successful at will give me courage (like running a business on my own – this still terrifies me).

If you want discipline, you need to do something today that you have been putting off. As I have discussed before procrastination can sometimes be your friend, but it can also be your worst enemy… Get something in place that is going to make your life better and stick with it… I have gone back to doing my morning pages and my early morning yoga is worth setting the alarm an extra 30mins earlier for.

If you want to feel stronger, work on your weaknesses. The only way to get overall stronger is to work on the foundations and stop ignoring the bits you can’t do. Work on the weaknesses in your own time, not at a time when it will hold you back. If you are in a race, now is not the time to be changing your technique. If you are working to a deadline don’t try to learn how to use a new system.

If you want to feel more confident, look at your successes, what have you achieved in the past, what else can you do now to make you feel better. Work on your courage, discipline and weaknesses, these will all help you improve your confidence.

Work on these, learn to be your own hero, feel proud of who you are, and who you are becoming. Be someone’s inspiration (but first your own).

Jen x

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