How do you make it happen?

So yesterday I got you thinking about what the changes are that you think you want to make in your life…

You should now have a very honest list about what it is you want to change so that you feel happier with yourself…

So what do you do with that list now?

Set your change plan in to action. Look at what resources you need for success.

Learn about the stuff you don’t know about – read, listen to podcasts and audiobooks, watch YouTube channels, find a coach that will teach you what you need.

Work out who and what you need in your life to make these changes happen.  Write down on your list next to each point.

Some will be really simple to do, all it might be is changing your habits. Set yourself reminders with your alarm and on your calendars. When your alarm goes off, reminder – write gratitude journal. Your calendar reminder at some point mid-morning – meditate for a couple of minutes.  Your weekend reminders – food & meal preparation for the week ahead.  Whatever it is that you want to change, have it set as a daily cue reminder. Very quickly you will fall in to your new habit and you will be creating a new pattern for yourself without much effort.

Get that sorted and you are on your way to winning with these changes.

Jen x

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