Ho, Ho, Ho… Merry Christmas… I hope you have had an amazing day and are full of love and good food.

Just in case you missed the emails over the last couple of days or have been thinking about it but not done anything yet… now is the time to treat yourself.

Kickstart your New Year loving yourself and looking after yourself. You might be feeling stuffed and sleepy right now even though you are still reaching for more chocolate…

Good news is you will never feel guilty about eating those chocolates. We are going to show you how to look after yourself, love yourself, and give yourself permission to be selfish as you priorities your own happiness…

Give yourself the gift of Pilates, a gentle(ish) workout, focusing entirely on yourself, time out just for you, improve posture, ease back pain, look taller, look slimmer, get stronger, and get to meet some of the loveliest people I work with (I must be doing something right, most of them have been with me for 3+ years) have a laugh and relax. 1 month block only £40 for 1 class per week. Class choice Saturday 10am or Wednesday 7pm. Classes start back on Saturday 2nd Jan (You can start the following week if you prefer)

Book your place here:  https://warriorwomanproject.ticketlight.co.uk/order/gateway/13311673

Warrior Woman Project Event. Think Better, Feel Better, Look Better 3 hour workshop on Saturday 9th Jan 2015 12-3pm at 29 Studios, 84 Miller St, Glasgow. Over the 3 hours we will look at and show you better ways to deal with the negative self-sabotaging thoughts that you have that hold you back. We get to make friends with ourselves then we look at how that can help us feel better building our confidence, the choices we make and our personal values. Finally when you combine thinking better and feeling better we start to naturally look better… Pretty girls are the girls who smile most. When you love yourself on the inside you start to see more clearly who you are on the outside.

You get all that for £20 AND you get to bring a friend for £5 spaces are limited, there are only around 10 seats left so book your space now so you are not left disappointed. https://warriorwomanproject.ticketlight.co.uk/order/gateway/13311630

Warrior Woman Online Programme – Last 5 spaces at 2015 prices open for general sale! On sale from Thursday 24th Dec 7am on a first come first wins basis. 2016 prices are going UP and additions, upgrades or improvements to the package will be made available to anyone who made a purchase in 2015, you won’t miss out https://warriorwomanproject.ticketlight.co.uk/order/gateway/13312394

I cannot wait to see you at a class or course soon

Jen x

PS everything went live on sale as of 7am on 24th Dec and will be a first come first sold to basis, hope you don’t miss out

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