Hello August

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What do you have in store for us this month? July is always a pretty quiet month for me, most of my clients are either students or parents and disappear for their summer holidays and they are all getting back to it and booked in to get their goals and success in check.

I love that I get to be part of their journey.

Seeing people realise their potential, celebrating their successes and working to overcome their challenges is as rewarding for me as it is for them.

I always wonder when I am going to start working… My dad was asking me about my pension the other day… I don’t even live an existence when retirement is something that I am working towards… Seriously I would still be doing the same thing anyway, I want to work with people and help them until I am physically or mentally unable to.

Finding your purpose in life is enlightening. For some it will be to work in a job then retire because their calling is different to mine… My mum was a primary school teacher, she took early retirement from her ‘job’ and now volunteers working with children at the Riding for Disabled School. Her calling is to help and work with children to help them grow and develop as independent people (she did a pretty good job with me and my brother).

I have spoken before about finding what makes you feel happy, or curious, or fulfilled. If you are doing something that drains you then why do you do it? What is the positive you get from it? There has to be something or you wouldn’t still be there.

Whatever it is you do, it is beneficial to you to find the positive you get from it. Every service needs people there giving their best no matter what the job.

Take pride in whatever it is you do, deliver your best and enjoy the experience.

Have a happy Monday and 1st of the month

With love

Jen x

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