He tried to change my dream

Don’t let anyone tell you what your dreams should be…

It’s my birthday on Friday and the other day in the gym one of the guys was kidding me on and asking what I was doing for my 40th (I am only going to be 37 this year). Me being me already has a plan (bucket list) and I want to drive Route 66 for it (probably later in the year to get better weather though).

This dude said ‘the only way to do Route 66 is on a motorbike’… I am not a motorbike type of girl, I want to do the route in a campervan… He screwed his face up and said ‘nah, it needs to be a motorbike’…

Me being me and not liking people telling me what to do, what to think/feel or what my dreams should be said ‘it’s my f@*king dream and my f@*king trip and I am doing it in a campervan’ – Sorry mum!!

I may have slightly over reacted to his opinion (my alpha clashing with his) but I feel very strongly about us having our own dreams and being allowed to go after them without other people telling us that we are wrong or that their way is better…

Do you let other people’s opinions and ideas get in the way of you following your dreams? Often we can get caught up seeking validation from other people, almost like a permission to go after what we want.

The problem with that is so often it will hold us back, there will always be someone who will put doubt in your mind (and that can sometimes be the validation we are looking for to let our fears get in the way).

I am not suggesting that you take my aggressive approach to protecting your dreams, maybe just let it pass with ‘well I would do it differently’ breeziness.

If you are sharing your dreams with people, seek out the ones that will be supportive, maybe offer advice to help you make it happen.

Dream big

Jen x

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