Have A Pamper Day

Day 16 Pamper yourself

This is one I know EVERYONE will get behind.

Get booked in for a massage (I can recommend a very good masseuse if anyone is looking for one)

Get booked in for a beauty treatment (again I can recommend good therapists).

Go for afternoon tea with the girls (5pm, Living Social and Groupon are usually good for these deals)

Go to the spa (I can highly recommend the Blythswood Spa experience – check 5pm for deals)

Schedule time EVERY week just for you.

Even if it’s you applying your own face mask and soaking in the bath listening to your favourite music, reading a book, or chilling on the couch watching a TV series or movie.

It is all about taking time out to focus on yourself and what you want and being able to switch off.

Self-care month is exactly that, learning to put yourself first and that it is OK to be selfish (which you know because I am always banging on about it).

Once you understand that putting yourself first means that everything you do can be more efficient and makes you happier which helps make everyone else happier…

Find the balance, learn to respect you and love you.

Once you get it, you will love it and appreciate your pamper time.


Jen x


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