Gut Feeling

I have been listening to a lot of podcasts and watching a lot of YouTube talks again looking for clarity in my thoughts and processes.

When you feel stuck or lost in your life it can be easy to just want to sit and wait for the confusion to pass. The problem with that is rather than anything passing we just find a way to bury down what was trying to come up and move us in another direction.

Let me clarify, when we feel at unease with life it is usually a message coming from our gut or unconscious mind (scientists are now recognising there is a link between the 2) that we need to do something about. Something somewhere in your life needs realigned.

When we get that feeling, rather than trying to put everything back in it’s box so life can continue as it is, start to explore the possibilities.

What I have noticed when I feel that way, all of a sudden podcasts I need to listen to or books I need to read or even people I need to meet come in to my vision and make themselves known. It comes up on my news feed or someone recommends it or it just by chance plays on my iPod when I go in to see what’s there or you have one of those serendipity conversations with someone and you realise that you are meant to meet this person for whatever reason…

To get to that point, you need to begin. In the beginning can be meditation to

Take a step, pay attention to things being presented to you in your world, listen to a podcast, open a book, make a call, ask a question…

Do something, anything that means you have made a start to dealing with that feeling.

With love

Jen x


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