Good News You Are Not Damaged

As we continue on this week of self love I want to take this opportunity to point something out to you… Being broken isn’t being damaged…

I remember talking to a guy who told me I was damaged because I was divorced… but it was alright because he was damaged too… Thanks for that mate…

It has taken time for me to realise and understand that I am not damaged. A little bit dented or broken in places maybe but not damaged.

Damaged would suggest that it was permanent and not worth fixing.

Stuff happens in life to all of us that breaks our hearts, dents our confidence, makes us take a step back and look at what it is we actually want in life. That is the rollercoaster of life we are on and if you sail through without ever having to deal with anything then you are either not living or you are burying your head deeper and deeper in to the sand.

I have mentioned before about going for NLP and how it ‘fixed’ me. I don’t think that it actually ‘fixed’ anything, but I do believe that it let me accept what happened, understand who I was, who I now am and who I want to be.

We go back to this vulnerability thing, we are not unbreakable and trying to be just makes us really unhappy…

You can cling on to the past, to the stories and drama that happened in your life and declare that you are unfixable…


You can accept that you have had a rocky road, you are still here to tell the tale, you have learned from your mistakes, you are not a label but a beautiful human being with a colourful past.

Have a great Thursday

Jen x

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