Good Morning

Good morning… Pages…

About a month ago I started to do morning pages again after what I thought to have been a couple of months not doing them (was actually nearer 9 months). 

I had been getting feelings of anxiety and feeling unsettled but couldn’t work out why. Nothing seemed to be coming to me in meditation, I after 8 months of trying and failing have mastered the art of quieting my head ( possibility a but too well). 

Anyway, after a discussion with a friend I decided to set my alarm for 20minutes earlier and put pen to paper.

For those of you who haven’t heard of morning pages this is where when you wake up, before doing anything else you write, continually for about 20 minutes. You don’t think about what you are writing, you don’t check spelling or punctuation, you just let the pen move over the paper. Even if you start with I have no idea what to say, or blah blah blah… Words will come and before you know it you will have filled a few pages. 

The course I was on (writing for wellbeing) we were told not to read it back just close the book and continue the next day. At some point you could I you want to back to it but if not you never have to look at it. You could even destroy it after writing if you have concerns over someone finding it, reading it and having you sectioned (pretty sure that could happen to me lol). 

After just a few days of doing the pages the feelings of anxiety have gone. I feel calmer, more clear headed and other than getting an extra 20minutes of sleep I am not sure why I stopped doing them in the first place…

Even if you don’t feel anxious they can be good for you to do. If you are in any way stressed, upset, confused or just feeling a bit blah it can be really useful just to brain dump on paper. 

It does have to be pen to paper though; typing it up doesn’t have the same therapeutic effect.

Hope you have a lovely week 

Jen x
PS If you are finding that there are things that you don’t know how to sort in your head Warrior Woman Project is exactly what you need to start to organise the chaos

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