Go barefoot

Day 6,  Go barefoot.

This is something I LOVE doing, all my trainers are ‘barefoot’ they are all minimal thin soles that let you connect with the ground (they aren’t the ones with the individual toes, my feet are too narrow for them and they do freak me out a bit).

I even walked the moonwalk in my New Balance Minimus shoes… No blisters! They make you very aware of how you walk and your body being the amazing thing that it is sends signals and responds to your actions. I have been wearing these shoes all day every day for the last couple of years so my feet are more reactive now than they were when I first started wearing them.

It takes time to build your feet muscles up, just like any muscle, so ease your feet in to them.

When I am on holiday I kick about barefoot all over the place, but it’s not something I would recommend doing walking round the city with litter, dog shit and broken glass.

But as much as you can round your house and if possible round your work, get the shoes off (and socks too if you can), ESPECIALLY if you wear heels a lot.

Going barefoot gets the muscles working and stimulates the nerves on the soles of your feet which helps stretch out your calves, be lighter on your feet and less clumsy. I don’t know about you but I was a stomper.

If you have problems like plantar fasciitis exercising your feet will help relieve the pain (also include stretching and massaging the feet and calves).

If you have weak ankles, have ever strained or tore a ligament, bare foot training (and just walking around) will help improve the muscles.

If you think about it, your feet carry you about all day every day, they don’t get a rest day. You train the rest of the muscles in your body… why not the feet?

You will improve your balance, posture, reduce falling / clumsiness and reduce injuries just by strengthening your feet.

Jen x

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