Give yourself a break

Yesterday I got you thinking about you and if you were the boss of your life or if your life was the boss of you…
What were your thoughts on that?
It is easy to fall in to a place where your life becomes the boss of you. There are demands from work, from family, friends, there are financial pressures, stress, worry.
It can all build up and get on top of you to the point where you just don’t feel like you have any control at all.
So why does that happen?
For us to be able to say no to people and demands we have to be able to put ourselves first. For many of us that is really hard.
Chances are you were brought up to think of others first and not be selfish… Thing is, you need to be selfish. You need to be able to say no, that is not good for me. Whether it is a demand on your time, your emotions, your money or even your headspace…
What happens in your life needs to be right for you and your happiness.
When you are making a sacrifice, you need to ask yourself if at the other end is this going to benefit you and make you happier? Sometimes not going out for after works drinks feels like you are sacrificing your fun time but actually you need to be fresh to do something more beneficial and fun the next day or you need to stay on track to meet your weight goal and you know going to the pub is going to be detrimental to that, or maybe you need to save some cash for going on holiday.
As much as we are told to live in the present and not stress about the future, sometimes a small consideration for the future is worth taking so that you are not then hitting up the regret button the next day.
Just lastly… remember that you are a human being… give yourself a break!
Happy Thursday…
Jen x
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