Get out of the rut

‘If you think adventure is dangerous, you should try routine. Its lethal’ Paulo Coelho
He is not wrong there… 
You wake up, have the same breakfast, go to work, run through the same tasks, come home, make dinner, watch traumatising TV, go to bed, sleep, wake up, repeat. \this continues for 5 days then there is the weekend. Maybe you go out Friday night, spend most of Saturday in bed recovering, go out Saturday do the same, recover Sunday just in time for Monday starting all over again.
What would happen if you broke that routine? Found a hobby that didn’t involve sitting watching TV or repeatedly scrolling through a news feed to see the same posts?
What if you gave up the job you dread getting out of bed on a Monday for to do the thing you REALLY want to do?
What would happen if you decided to go travelling next year and actually put a plan in place to save the money you need to actually go and see the world for real?
What would happen if you got up and had something totally different for breakfast, went to work a different way and spoke to someone you have never spoken to before???
Who knows unless you try. The smallest change can make the biggest difference to how you experience your day.
Try it, I dare you. Live life a little different to enjoy it a little bit more#wisewords #freedomintraining
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